[isf-wifidog] Sprint0909: testing time

Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Sam 19 Sep 16:02:04 EDT 2009

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From: "Genevieve Bastien" <gbastien at versatic.net>
Subject: [isf-wifidog] Sprint0909: testing time
Date: 19th September 2009
Time: 8:57:12 pm

Hi everyone,

We'll be releasing a monthly version of wifidog by the end of next
week.  The release candidate is r1420.  You're invited to test the
software and let us know if you find any major faults (and minor faults

I'll be releasing on sourceforge the tarball of the gateway's source
code, as well as the packages for openwrt (whiterussian, kamikaze 7 and
kamikaze 8).  If somebody wants to make a package for any other os,
you're welcome.

Does anyone know how it works with openwrt to update the wifidog package
in their repository?


Geneviève Bastien
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