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Marc Blanchet marc.blanchet at viagenie.ca
Mar 26 Mai 12:36:16 EDT 2009

wlanmac a écrit :
> The question becomes, where should it be optional? 
> Optional in the way it is now where it is used by the portal to be
> compatible on the roaming side,
> AP/WiFiDog ---> <wifidog protocol> ---> WiFiDog Portal ---> RADIUS
> or optional for access provisioning to the router, for device / access
> controller compatibility? 
> AP/NAS ---> <RADIUS> ---> <something?> ---> WiFiDog Portal
> (Note: "NAS" for Network Access Server is a more generic term for access
> controller in RADIUS documentation). 
> A concept I have been thinking of would be something along the lines of
> what Marc suggested. A proxy to map the AAA features of a NAS with the
> WiFiDog HTTP protocol. 
> Such that you might have:
> AP/NAS/Proxy ---> <wifidog> ---> WiFiDog Portal (to support old-school
> sites)
> AP/NAS ---> <RADIUS> ---> Proxy/WiFiDog Portal (to support standard
> access controllers)
> AP/NAS ---> <RADIUS> ---> <FreeRADIUS/SuperProxy> ---> Multiple WiFiDog
> Portals based on Realm (the future)
> It's just an idea... but, could be a way of achieving the best of all
> worlds, RADIUS-wise.

you were just 5 minutes faster than me to write almost exact same
drawings... a few minor edits below:

this is my view of v2:

"v1" AP -> wifidog-http -> v2 wifidog portal -> radius backend
"v2" AP ->              radius               -> radius backend

roaming user:
- radius servers of the projects that want to enable roaming between
themselves are configured in a federation mode with a central proxy or a
server mesh (if the group is small).


> David
> On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 11:49 -0400, Sylvain Carle wrote:
>>> je ne suis même pas sûr qu'on ait besoin d'un BD dans wifidog. En tout
>>> cas, pas besoin pour le côté opérationel: i.e. authentification,
>>> service, usagers, etc...  tout devrait être géré par RADIUS.
>> I would say "all could be managed by Radius" but it should remain an 
>> option, not the only way. Radius is great but it might be too much to 
>> ask to some of the communities listed on 
>> http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/Community - we should not forget that some 
>> organizations have less ressources, we shall not create a situation 
>> where they can't use wifidog anymore.
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