[isf-wifidog] [AllianceCSF] postgresql vs mysql, get into the flamebait

Andrew Hodel andrewhodel at gmail.com
Lun 25 Mai 16:47:40 EDT 2009

No license as of yet.

It is not based on Wifidog, it uses the wifidog v1 protocol.

There is no code from the wifidog-auth project.  I originally planned
to modify wifidog-auth, I soon discovered that it would be much easier
to just start from scratch.

If you would like to try it, just send me a private email with a
gateway ID that you would like to test and I will reply with an
address you can point your wifidog gateway at.  It is 100% compatible
with the current wifidog gateway.

Andrew Hodel

On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 3:42 PM, Sylvain Carle <scarle at praizedmedia.com> wrote:
>>> As far as the recent arguments have been on this list regarding the
>>> CMS.  I am a strong believer that wifidog should not include any sort
>>> of CMS, it should simply allow easy access of location based variables
>>> to any other CMS the sysadmin chooses to use.
>> I agree. Any CMS should be outside of wifidog. wifidog should be just a
>> simple access server.
> That's exactly the plan for wifidog 2.0
> Andrew, is your code GPL (I guess so since it's based on wifidog)? I'm
> interested in evaluating if it could be (or at least part of it) the
> base for the current effort of rewriting parts of wifidog v1.
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