[isf-wifidog] Uncaught Exception The network with id could not be found in the database (0) thrown in file /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/classes/Network.php, line 361

Theo Treffers theo at africanaxess.co.za
Ven 15 Mai 07:33:43 EDT 2009


I have seen the posts regarding this in the mailing list- however I am 
unclear as to how to solve it. I cannot log in anymore so I can't go and 
remover the network that may cause this (I did add a network, after 
which this happened so I must have messed up somewhere). Dumping the 
database and starting from scratch is not really an option because of 
the number of users we have on the system. Could someone explain to me 
how to go about resolving this? I did also see the suggestion that I 
could use PGadmin but I need more detail than that as I am not familiar 
with any of that.

Thanks in advance.


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