[isf-wifidog] single host, web portal & authentication

cedric briner work at infomaniak.ch
Mar 24 Mar 08:14:22 EDT 2009

Bonjour, Hello,

I'm wanting to setup a wireless wrt54g linksys to offer a single hot 
spot for a restaurant. I do not really know what is the current security 
policy for such services. But I was thinking about:

- a captif web portal explaining what are the policies. From this page, 
the user will have to enter his mail account
- then the user will have a 5 min, to go to his webmail page to confirm 
its email address
- the web portal, will log info :
   - mac address
   - email-address
   - ip connected to

So can we do such things with a wifidog installed on a wrt54g ?
Does a wrt54g router being able to do a webportal and a authentication 
server ?
What do you think about such procedure of registration: too complex, too 
restrictive, too difficult to implement  ?
What should we log and for how long ??



Geneva - Switzerland

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