[isf-wifidog] ping OK, but no login (DDWRT)

pslists pslists at gmail.com
Mer 24 Juin 09:28:33 EDT 2009

pslists wrote:
> I am trying to configure WiFiDog on my WRT54G 1.1 running DD-WRT 
> v24-sp2 (01/01/09) std - build 11296M NEWD Eko.
> Before enabling WiFiDog, wireless clients can access the internet, but 
> once it is enabled they timeout. They can access the WiFiDog status 
> page on port 2060.
> WiFiDog is connected to the authorisation server and the Internet, and 
> I can see the pings in the server log, but there are no login requests 
> in the log.
> The network configuration is an ADSL router providing a NATted subnet 
> to which is connected the WAN port of the WRT54G with 
> address The WRT54G is running as a gateway and NATting to 
> subnet and its own address is The 
> authorisation server is a Synology DS207+ NAS server with address 
> which is running Apache/PHP and is also the  DNS server.
> As the Synology doesn't have PostgreSQL, I have started by using 
> wifidog-auth-lite, and will build my simple requirements on that and 
> using MySQL. As I said the ping is working and accepted by the WiFiDog 
> gateway, but no login requests are forwarded.
> Could someone, please, point me to the error of my ways?
> Pete
Sorry for the reply to my own post. I resolved this by adding a firewall 
rule to wifidog.conf to permit access to the authorisation web server 
without being logged on.


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