[isf-wifidog] Status on Ticket 546?

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Ven 19 Juin 16:58:42 EDT 2009

Oh, and just to follow-up.

Radius (in -X debug mode) isn't seeing any attempt to login. It
appears the php code fails long before making any attempt to pass on
the authentication attempt to FreeRadius.


> Don't want to keep beating the dead horse, but anyone have any
> thoughts?

> Is Radius on WiFiDOG dead?

> There's several comments on the list-serv and this ticket that seem
> to indicate that attempting to use RADIUS as the back-end
> authenticator in WD fails.
> (http://dev.wifidog.org/ticket/546)

> I find the same behavior - putting in the config for the network -
> AuthenticatorRadius (IIRC)

> and this config string
> 'default-network', '', 1812, 1813, 'xxxxxx', 'CHAP_MD5'

> kicks back
> "Invalid RADIUS encryption method."

> When I try to login.

> It accepts it just fine when I save it in network config however...

> Thoughts!? Please!

> I could start hacking the PHP code, but I shudder to think what might
> happen! :)

> TIA!
> -Greg

>> Ticket #546
>> Invalid RADIUS encryption method.

>> The authenticatorradius.php in classes appears to kick back an
>> "Invalid RADIUS encryption method." EVEN though I'm using the
>> 'CHAP_MD5' specified as a valid method.

>> I'm kind of lost looking at the code, and I was trying to bring up a
>> new site today...

>> It appears the above ticket addresses this, but it hasn't been fixed
>> or looked at as far as I can tell.

>> ---
>> I need a non-self register method for managing accounts, and radius
>> seemed like the best option - pretty easy to edit the users file for
>> freeradius etc. If there's some other, better or equally decent way,
>> to handle this without using radius, I'd consider it.

>> TIA,
>> Greg

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