[isf-wifidog] FW: Error: couldn't find the requested token

scott simecek scott at neothink.net
Jeu 30 Juil 13:51:19 EDT 2009

http://pastebin.org/5376  is the log from this morning.  I believe it has the failure and also when it was ok again.

I'll update my auth server and fire it up again.


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On July 30, 2009, scott simecek wrote:
> Howdy,
>       I am running the client and auth server on the same virtual server.
> It is running the latest Debian. I have one node and it is set as Splash
> Only.  I got everything working yesterday and all seemed fine.  I get the
> custom splash screen then first accessing the Internet then I am able to
> use the Internet.  I left the server on last night and when I plugged into
> it this morning I received an error stating "We did not get a valid answer
> from the central server".  I rebooted the server and everything was fine
> again.  I have a second PC that also is accessing the Internet through
> wifidog and I keep opening up a browser to check the status.  It was
> working fine as well but today I received the same error screen about net
> getting a valid answer from the central server.  Looking at the output from
> the wifidog -f -d 7 I see:
> Auth: -1
> Messages: | Error: couldn't find the requested token.
> ]
> [6][Thu Jul 30 10:34:29 2009][10847](centralserver.c:162) Auth server
> returned authentication code -1 [7][Thu Jul 30 10:34:29
> 2009][10847](firewall.c:258) Locking client list [7][Thu Jul 30 10:34:29
> 2009][10847](firewall.c:258) Client list locked [6][Thu Jul 30 10:34:29
> 2009][10847](firewall.c:265) Checking client for timeout:
> Last updated 1248964461 (8 seconds ago), timeout delay 300 seconds, current
> time 1248964469, [4][Thu Jul 30 10:34:29 2009][10847](firewall.c:333) Error
> communicating with auth server - leaving as-is for now [7][Thu
> Jul 30 10:34:29 2009][10847](firewall.c:348) Unlocking client list [7][Thu
> Jul 30 10:34:29 2009][10847](firewall.c:348) Client list unlocked
>   The odd thing to me was that I was able to still access the Internet from
> my PC so I would think communication with the auth server would be working
> fine.  I hit the refresh button a few times on my second PC's browser and
> eventually the splash screen came up and all was well again.  I have now
> restarted wifidog with -f -d 7 and I am capturing all of the output.  Once
> this happens again I'll add more to this message.  Would you like more
> information?  Do you have any ideas?

Quite odd indeed.  Could you:

1- Update your auth server to latest SVN, I added more informative error
messages specifically for you.
2- Send your gateway log again like above.  Ideally also send the log starting
from the initial connection request (it's going to be quite large, so use

Benoit Grégoire

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