[isf-wifidog] Find Hotspots menu on login page

Benoit Grégoire benoitg at coeus.ca
Ven 24 Juil 12:06:06 EDT 2009

On July 23, 2009, Dave Lamb wrote:
> Thanks!  I do have to say, I'm not a programmer, so I'm not sure how to go
> about creating a new stylesheet.  I'm also OK with everyone getting the
> same menu.  So is there a file someplace that controls the items on that
> menu, where I could comment out the items I don't want?  And if so, would
> that be an easier way to make the change?

Definitely not easier.

> I understand this will hide the
> items for everyone, and I'm OK with that.

All you have to do to fix it in css is create a folder in 
media/network_theme_packs, create a stylesheet.css in the folder.

Put the following in stylesheet.css and you should get what you want. 

 /* Important notes:
-You may not assume ANYTHING about the path to images or media
that isn't under this file's theme pack.  In other words, no ../ relative 
-This stylesheet will be applied after the one in
wifidog/media/base_theme/stylesheet.css.  This theme pack should only override 
the elements
 in the base stylesheet that you want to change.

ul.node_lists li.HTML {
ul.node_lists li.JiWireCSV {
ul.node_lists li.KML {
ul.node_lists li.RSS {
ul.node_lists li.XML {

Now all that's left to do is go to network administration and select your new 
theme pack.

> I'm thinking of something like the Language config file where I can comment
> out the uninstalled languages.

Well, not easily.  Technically, you could remove all files in the NodeLists 
folder, and it would have the effect you want, but it may have unintended 
consequences now, and will definitely have unintended consequences when you svn 
update in the future. 
Benoit Grégoire

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