[isf-wifidog] can wifidog and opnewrt run standalone in a router?

Richard Lussier richard.lussier at gmail.com
Sam 24 Jan 15:24:37 EST 2009


Wifidog is build for accomodating communities with registered users and 
many hotspots.
It does not provide any ways of charging to clients some fees.
You also have to setup and maintain a server.
The solution you are looking for could be simpler and cheaper, like 
They charge $15.00 a year for one hotspot and unlimited repeaters (mesh 
You can sell and print vouchers if you don't want your clients to pay 
via Paypal.

It is also integrated in the R.O.B.I.N. firmware that offer you mesh 
networking on BATMAN or OLSR.
It is an open source project also.
You also have a dashboard hosted at OPEN-MESH.com.

Richard Lussier

BaluNet.de wrote:
> Hi!
> Greetings from the Himalaya in India!
> I am living in a monastery in Tsopema and now broadband has reached our 
> village.
> Now, I would like to set up a hotspot to be used by tourists for the 
> monastery to create a little income for the monks and the orphants. Any help 
> is very much welcome!
> I understand that I need a wifi router like WRT54GL?
> There I can install openwrt and wifidog?
> Do I need a pc running to check how long customers use the service or can it 
> all run in the routers OS?
> If someone has a bit time to spare to help me giving me tips to find info or 
> how-tos... many thanx in advance ;)
> Balu
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