[isf-wifidog] greetings from the himalayians

BaluNet.de pub01 at balunet.de
Dim 18 Jan 01:42:42 EST 2009

Ah, what a pity!

I remember to have had a computer with 2mb ram and a 8mhz cpu and it did run 
a complete desktop operating system with gui and everything. So, I really 
thought the router would be powerful enough...

Well, then I have to get an old pc with two network cards...

Solutions where we have to pay someone somewhere in the world are very 
difficult, because of a lack of a proper banking infrastructure! We would 
have to send them the Rupies in letters or similar... Ho ho ho! I asked some 
banks here about PayPal - but they do not even know what that is!!! The 
banks here still work with people writing down things in big books and are 
mainly used by the farmers to save some few rupies...

peace and happiness,

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