[isf-wifidog] Node name as javascript variable on portal page.

andrewhodel at gmail.com andrewhodel at gmail.com
Dim 22 Fév 20:06:41 EST 2009

I'm currently embedding an iframe with a form which allows users to comment  
on the system from the portal page.

As it stands now the users have to manually enter the node that they are at  
in the forum, I would ideally like to have this field be populated  
automatically based upon the node which they are currently on.

The node name is present in on the page and I can get the information via  
the DOM however this seems like a very bad way to do things. Beyond the  
argument of people without JS, the node name is wrapped in between a div  
that has no id and only a class (although that class seems to be unique).  
Then inside a span, then inside an em. Using JS it would be ideal if the  
node name tag had it's own unique id.

Even better would be a list of predefined JS variables for certain data an  
administrator may want to input into a form. Specifically current data  
usage, time since login, mac address, username, and node name.

<div class='welcome_msg_inner'><span>Welcome to</span>  

Andrew Hodel
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