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mackay mackay at otenet.gr
Mar 25 Aou 08:37:10 EDT 2009

Hi Benoit,

I got it all working in the end and would like to share where I found
problems for anyone else in the future :)

Thinking about it I know where my problem started.
As a new user I followed the tutorial from the Wiki:

When I came to the Virtual Hosts section at the bottom, I followed the
tutorial and created a new host. I did NOT edit/delete or touch the
localhost. BUT what I did do was 
Make this new Virtual Host the server's default?: YES

This I am guessing means the pre selected network was my new virtual host
and thus my admin account was linked to the localhost Only. I could then not
log as I had no way of selecting any network (there was no select box on the
login page??). I am guessing this is because the used the NetworkFusion
Theme pack.

So I am think that both together, 1) NetworkFusion Theme pack and 2) the
Make this new Virtual Host the server's default was the cause of my bug.

Kind Regards

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On August 19, 2009, mackay wrote:
> Thanks Dave,
> I had a look at the Networks table and that looks fine to me.
> So I did a db dump (pg_dump -U postgres -b -o -v -f ./dump.dump wifidog)
> and have uploaded the dump file here http://auth.corfunet.com/dump.dump
> But a dump of the users, network_stakeholders, server_stakeholders,
> networks, nodes, roles, server and virtual_hosts tables I have appended it
> to http://auth.corfunet.com/install.txt
> To be honest I cannot find/see anything wrong with the tables.
> I did a swap of the user_id in the network_stakeholders, and
> server_stakeholders with the guest account's user_id to elevate his
> privaliges and was able to log in.
> This suggests to me that something is or went wrong with the user_id for
> the admin account.
> ... hmmm could it be that I ticked the 'Make this Virtual Host the
> default' in the Virtual host managment window when I added my new virtual
> host.
> (following the tutorial at
> http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc/admin/GettingStarted and ticking the 'Make
> this Virtual Host the server's default' near the end)
> This would change the "localhost" virtual host not to be the default? but
> this would imply the admin account is liked in some way to the
> default-network authenticator.
> i.e. the login process is is based on username, password and default
> and not the username / password.

Logins are based on 4 factors: 
username or email
Network (by default, each network has their own set of users.  If you have 
more than one network, you will have a select box on the login page)
Authenticator  (determined by the Network)

The Virtual Host will determine which Network is pre-selected when you

The most common cause of trouble logging in as an admin are:
- Accidentally Wiping out the authenticator parameters in network
- Not selecting the right Network to login as the original admin account.
Benoit Grégoire

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