[isf-wifidog] Another Lost admin account

mackay mackay at otenet.gr
Mar 18 Aou 07:26:17 EDT 2009


I have much the same problem as Dave Lamb, I am running wifidog on a VMWARE 
image with Debian Lenny:
Linux web02 2.6.26-2-686 #1 SMP Sun Jun 21 04:57:38 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux

It was all working fine until I logged out from admin  to simulate a new 
user creating a free account.
I created a new user and was able to log in without a problem.
I logged out as the new user and when I came to log back in as admin and I 
get 'unknown user name or password'. (even if I use the email address)
I do not have a problem logging in as the new user.

I also looked at the user table in postgres and that looks OK, I even 
updated the admin password but still no luck.

I has happened to me a few times and I have just recovered from a snapshot. 
But this will not be ok in a live environment so I need a solution to this.

In the install I used
postgres 8.3
jpgraph-1.22 -> jpgraph-1.22.1
PHPMailer_v2.0.0 -> PHPMailer_v2.1
You can see my history after a clean standard install of Debian Lenny at 
Notes: Line 3, I setup a static IP, Line 34 see vhost file at end of History 
(not sure about  <Directory /var/www/wifidog-auth/wifidog/>). I also did not 
see a rewrite at aprox line 17 as is in the howto

Is there a clean install as a vmware image that I can download from 
anywhere/anyone or
can everyone please list
1) what OS you are using,
2) what ver of Postgres you use
3) if you use any upgraded packages (i.e.  PHPMailer_v2.1)

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Stephen Mackay

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