[isf-wifidog] HELP! Lost Admin Account

Dave Lamb delphi9_1971 at yahoo.com
Lun 3 Aou 17:23:41 EDT 2009

Ok, I figured out how to list the accounts in postgresql, and how to update the email address.  Then I use the Forgot password feature to get my Admin account's password reset.  BUT: the password the system sends me doesn't work!  How can I fix this!

 Dave Lamb, CCNA
312-560-6933 C

From: Dave Lamb <delphi9_1971 at yahoo.com>
To: wifidog at listes.ilesansfil.org
Sent: Monday, August 3, 2009 3:42:18 PM
Subject: HELP!  Lost Admin Account

I don't know what happened....  I was logged in with my admin account documenting the settings.  I was in the Network configuration page.  I then clicked on the configure node option.  I got an error (a bunch of code on the web page).  I've seen this before when my account times out.  I tried to log back in, and now it won't take my login ID.  It keeps telling me unknown user name or password.  Even though I was just logged in with that account.  Also, because I used a bogus email address on that account, I now can't login.  It appears that it corrupted my account somehow.  How can I fix without having to rebuild the whole configuration?

 Dave Lamb, CCNA
312-560-6933 C

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