[isf-wifidog] HELP! Lost Admin Account

acv acv at miniguru.ca
Lun 3 Aou 17:16:02 EDT 2009

Login to the database directly and reset the password field for the
account. Either using the psql command-line client or one of the
many web-based or gui client out there.

The SQL command to reset the password should be:

UPDATE users SET pass = 'PassHash' WHERE username = 'username';

Where username is your username and PassHassh is the output of the following
PHP code:

<?php echo base64_encode(pack("H*", md5(utf8_decode('password')))); ?>

Just substitute password with the password you want and run that through a
PHP interpreter.


On Mon, Aug 03, 2009 at 01:42:18PM -0700, Dave Lamb wrote:
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> Subject: [isf-wifidog] HELP!  Lost Admin Account
> I don't know what happened....  I was logged in with my admin account documenting the settings.  I was in the Network configuration page.  I then clicked on the configure node option.  I got an error (a bunch of code on the web page).  I've seen this before when my account times out.  I tried to log back in, and now it won't take my login ID.  It keeps telling me unknown user name or password.  Even though I was just logged in with that account.  Also, because I used a bogus email address on that account, I now can't login.  It appears that it corrupted my account somehow.  How can I fix without having to rebuild the whole configuration?
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