[isf-wifidog] Recap of recent discussion for the next version of wifidog

Jean-Philippe Menil jean-philippe.menil at univ-nantes.fr
Lun 20 Avr 13:07:20 EDT 2009

Sylvain Carle a écrit :
> As some of you already know, I have been involved in the last month in 
> drafting a plan for the next version of wifidog, dubbed WifiDog TNG (the 
> next generation).
> I have been organizing a few conference calls with other wifi orgs (Zap 
> Québec, Zap Sherbrooke and other upcoming ZAPs) as well as with NYC 
> Wireless and Wireless Toronto (last friday) to collect as much as input 
> as possible and gather consensus for future direction. I also had good 
> one-on-one chats with Benoit Grégoire, François Proulx and the current 
> (and past) ISF board members. This is is first draft of the objectives 
> for wifidog 2.0
> A few principles first. This is to be a process as inclusive as 
> possible, it's open for contribution to any able and willing developer. 
> It will be organized from the current dev.wifidog.org Trac ticket system 
> and wiki (see a copy of this email at http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/TNG)
> There is a deadline for the first 2.0 release in August as several 
> groups will need the new features for specific fall projects. As such, 
> some ideas might be great but not consider for inclusion in the first 
> release. A schedule for point releases (2.1, 2.2, etc) shall be 
> discussed here but the goal is to be consistent with stable and 
> supported releases and an "edge" version.
> Goal : make wifidog easier to integrate with other related opensource 
> projects.
> * Be backward compatible and build on the excellent core we already have
> * Have to version, one "mini" for limited capacity hardware (as used in 
> many existing installations worldwide, WRTG et al) and one "maxi" for 
> more modern hardware (with much more processing power + memory)
> * Target platform: OpenWRT (Pyramid Linux as #2 and Sky OS as possible 
> #3, we should also look at a deb/ubuntu packaging maybe)
> * Better reporting + integration with external graphing/reporting tools
> * Consolidate security patches and new ROM images
> * Support several modes: Authentification, Agreement et Content+Redirect
> * Development of a geolocation API for session/content/context
> * Integration with open source CMS for portal pages (via plugins): 
> Wordpress is first candidate (Drupal and Pylons are considered)
> * Doc. the stack : Auth Server (hub), Gateway (node) and CMS (api)
> * Developing "Zap in a Box" for new cities/regions (make it easier to 
> start a new wireless orgs)
> * Exploration of MESH and other hardware
> We are doing a little hackfest at Arts Café in Montreal this wednesday 
> (22nd) @ 18h30 to continue this process.
> This is a long email with lots of details, but I wanted to kickstart 
> this process as much as possible with the tremendous community we have 
> here. Comments, suggestions and questions are of course more than 
> welcomed here and on the wiki.
> --
> Sylvain Carle
> Board Member of ISF and
> Herder of Open Source Cats (I mean Dogs)!
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i'm happy to hear good news like this.

If you want, i can do the deb/ubuntu package for 32 and/or 64 bits.

By the way, is there a plan to implement ipv6?

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