[isf-wifidog] Fwd: Problems with WiFiDog 1.1.5-2 and Open-WRT 8.09

Aaron Z aaronz at pls-net.org
Jeu 16 Avr 13:13:33 EDT 2009

 > Hi,
 > don't know much about open-wrt,
 > but why, in your iptables rules, have you a drop rule before your
 > accept?
 > --
 > Menil Jean-Philippe
I don't know much about iptables myself (previous sysadmin setup the original
system), but I believe that the rules are in the order that
open-wrt/wifidog put them, I tried changing all the rules in the
/etc/config/firewall file to accept but I seem to have the same issue,
I just ran wifidog with the -f -d 7 switches and it doesn't appear to
be putting me in to the authenticated user category.

I am going to try setting up a fresh VM with a clean standalone copy of the
authentication server installed on it and see if that takes care of our problems. If that doesn't I will post further.

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