[isf-wifidog] editing wiki pages on wifidog.org

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Mar 14 Avr 08:43:33 EDT 2009

Who would be the right person to answer this question?  Not sure if
this is a developer question or just a sysadmin question to alter the
preferences.  I would assume that it's the former.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 1:13 PM, Sylvain Carle <scarle at praizedmedia.com> wrote:
>> I'm still confused about being able to edit wiki pages on wifidog.org.
>>  Wiki pages have "edit" buttons but attempts to edits seem to be
>> stopped (through an spam warning).  I seem to remember 2 years ago I
>> was told that the only way to edit pages was to have a login and that
>> was only given to people that had the right to commit code.  Someone
>> created an account for me, but that doesn't really address my need.
>> My goal is to gather some of the discussion that has taken place on
>> the wifidog v2 thread and put it in the wiki so that we can use to
>> move forward with the decisions.  So my desire is not to have the
>> right to do that myself, but to ensure that anyone (principally people
>> on this listserve) can add resources and suggestions on a desired
>> feature set.  Whether people have to register and login or not isn't a
>> problem, as long as that is clearly explained and easy to do).
>> I can always open up a wiki page somewhere else online, and collect
>> that information and forward the url to people on this list, but that
>> is obviously a secondary solution.
>> Sorry if this is a dumb question...
> Not a dumb question (or we are both dumb), I went thru that exact
> process in the last few days. We should provide easier wiki access to
> users that can contribute something else than code to the project, I am
> all for opening these access to people that asks for it. I know there's
> a few others lined up to contribute to the effort of a new wifidog
> version, mostly ideas and collecting/organizing them, I don't see why we
> should do that elsewhere than on the wiki on dev.wifidog.org (unless
> someone has a good reason not to and can explain it to me).
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