[isf-wifidog] editing wiki pages on wifidog.org

Michael Lenczner mlenczner at gmail.com
Ven 10 Avr 13:05:14 EDT 2009


I'm still confused about being able to edit wiki pages on wifidog.org.
 Wiki pages have "edit" buttons but attempts to edits seem to be
stopped (through an spam warning).  I seem to remember 2 years ago I
was told that the only way to edit pages was to have a login and that
was only given to people that had the right to commit code.  Someone
created an account for me, but that doesn't really address my need.

My goal is to gather some of the discussion that has taken place on
the wifidog v2 thread and put it in the wiki so that we can use to
move forward with the decisions.  So my desire is not to have the
right to do that myself, but to ensure that anyone (principally people
on this listserve) can add resources and suggestions on a desired
feature set.  Whether people have to register and login or not isn't a
problem, as long as that is clearly explained and easy to do).

I can always open up a wiki page somewhere else online, and collect
that information and forward the url to people on this list, but that
is obviously a secondary solution.

Sorry if this is a dumb question...


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