[isf-wifidog] Error parsing outgoing traffic in iptables_fw_counters_update()

Menil Jean-Philippe Jean-Philippe.Menil at univ-nantes.fr
Ven 3 Avr 05:49:38 EDT 2009

Hi everybody,
related to the ticket 472, i encounter the same problem:
only the outgoing counter of the first client is updated.

WiFiDog status

Version: 1.1.5
Uptime: 4d 1h 59m 29s
Has been restarted: no
Internet Connectivity: yes
Auth server reachable: yes
Clients served this session: 1629

63 clients connected.

Client 0
   IP: MAC: 00:1a:4b:5d:9d:ea
   Token: a0889556b710f2148808911428902ebf
   Downloaded: 20462514
   Uploaded: 950902

Client 1
   IP: MAC: 00:1e:ec:4e:cc:18
   Token: 72866f0026efa00d4d1945ae7e31c184
   Downloaded: 50327320
   Uploaded: 0

Client 2
   IP: MAC: 00:1e:68:23:5e:29
   Token: dab48066f3b9323c2019e5ed461fc8dd
   Downloaded: 133545298
   Uploaded: 0

Client 3
   IP: MAC: 00:a0:d1:26:3d:07
   Token: 8d7023545528d15819f534303ba1f288
   Downloaded: 557999512
   Uploaded: 0

Client 4
   IP: MAC: 00:50:fc:61:89:44
   Token: cca2288a0ec0d904b82b8949d5663902
   Downloaded: 91770481
   Uploaded: 0

Client 5
   IP: MAC: 00:16:d3:59:b7:98
   Token: 0e7ffaf7eef5f55d0f39f4b060c0e76b
   Downloaded: 1180435
   Uploaded: 0

But the workaround proposed on the ticket 472 don't work for me.

Is someone is able to explain me why the lines for thougoing update is 
different form the line of incomming update?

Line 536 of fw_iptables.c for outgoing traffic:

rc = fscanf(output, "%*s %llu %*s %*s %*s %*s %*s %15[0-9.] %*s %*s %*s 
%*s %*s 0x%*u", &counter, ip);

Line 575 of fw_iptables.c for incoming traffic:
rc = fscanf(output, "%*s %llu %*s %*s %*s %*s %*s %15[0-9.] %*s %*s %*s 
%*s %*s 0x%*u", &counter, ip);

Thanks in advance.

Menil Jean-Philippe
DSI de l'UniversitÚ de Nantes
tÚl: 02 51 12 53 92
Fax: 02 51 12 58 60
Jean-Philippe.Menil at univ-nantes.fr

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