[isf-wifidog] Adding fields to Generic Object Editor

Jeff Schallenberg schallenberg.jeff at gmail.com
Mar 30 Sep 20:23:38 EDT 2008

I wrote this back in January 2007, but never got any feedback:
This is a suggestion to simplify the task of installing and maintaining

Present mode of operation:

After installing a router, the installer fills out the Generic Object Editor
with  publically-available information about the access point - address,
public phone number, web page, lat/long, etc. This ensures that the public
information and the green icon shows up on the map and the list.

Later, if he is diligent (and all our installers are diligent) the installer
adds the new hotspot to Bruno Rémy's private operations database on the tiki
wiki. This involves copying/pasting the public information from the Generic
Object Editor over to the corresponding fields in the Operations database.
Major hassle. Then he completes the private information such as contact
emails and telephone numbers, router placement, billing date, and if
available, attaches graphics files for schematic diagrams and antenna

Improved mode of operation:

The installer fills in both public and private information on one or more
forms on the Generic Object Editor. The private information would only be
displayed for persons with appropriate access, while the public information
would be displayed as it is today. Graphic files could be added just as they
are today for the portal page, but only displayed for the annointed few.

The big advantage is that the installer only needs to access one database at
installation time. And the maintenance person need only access that one
database, as well, to access, add to or correct the information.

So, I am asking again - would it be possible to add one or more text fields
to the GOE, to record private information like hotspot owner's name and
email, installation details, billing status, etc?

Bruno Remy's database on the wiki was great (but I don't have access to it),
and Richard Lussier's adaptation of Sugar CRM is even better (but it is
tits-up just now). But they both have the disadvantage of having to access
multiple online databases, and copy/paste between them. Why not add some
fields to the GOE, and do all the record-keeping in one place?
- Jeff
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