[isf-wifidog] After login go to web-page requested, rather than portal

Benoit Grégoire benoitg at coeus.ca
Ven 26 Sep 18:40:27 EDT 2008

On 26 September 2008, Robin Jones wrote:
> You can do this in the nodes wifidog.config:
> #   PortalScriptPathFragment (Optional; Default: portal/? Note:  This is
> the script the user will be sent to after a successful login.)

You can't do it there.

> This will hopefully be moved to the Auth server in the near future...

Most of the work is done, all that's required is a new node/network config 
similar to the one for custom portal URL.  There is already a documented 
variable in the code for the original destination URL. 
Benoit Grégoire
Technologies Coeus inc.

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