[isf-wifidog] Introduction and a couple questions.

Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Lun 15 Sep 12:42:34 EDT 2008

Hi Weston,


The Auth Server can run anywhere on the web, as long as the Client is
configured to point to it.


You should look at the documentation at http://dev.wifidog.org/wiki/doc
for information on the way the protocol works, and also look at the
source code to gain a better perspective on how it was done with PHP.
Some references are:



and in the source:



I have also been interested in doing a .net version of the Auth Server
and do have a very basic example. If you want the source project I can
gladly send it to you, and I would be interested in hosting it on
codeplex.com if other people are willing to contribute to it.




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Hello gentleman, I'm new to the group and very interested in your
product. I just have a few questions...


1) I am using this test case with a dd-wrt router with wifidog built in,
and I just had a question about possibilities.


Can I just drop a router thats wifidog enabled off at a location, and
then have it set to my server running the auth server and be done with
it? Or does auth server have to be running on local network?


2) I know in the docs somone said auth server could be re-written as it
follows a simple protocol... I was curious if I could get more
information about how the tokens are generated. I believe your product
is nice and sound, but the powers that be refuse to run php. I was
planning on doing a port to .net and would be more than happy to
contribute it back to the community if there was such interest


Thank you kindly,





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