[isf-wifidog] Heeeeellp!!!!

Wilson Hernandez - MSD, S. A. wh at msdrd.com
Ven 31 Oct 07:46:26 EDT 2008

I'm running wifidog -f -d 10 and here's what I get when I try to access 
the internet from WLAN:

[7][Fri Oct 31 07:42:06 2008][2994](ping_thread.c:228) Auth Server Says: 
[6][Fri Oct 31 07:42:37 2008][2994](gateway.c:474) Received connection 
from, spawning worker thread
[7][Fri Oct 31 07:42:37 2008][2994](httpd_thread.c:65) Processing 
request from
[7][Fri Oct 31 07:42:37 2008][2994](httpd_thread.c:66) Calling 
httpdProcessRequest() for
[6][Fri Oct 31 07:42:37 2008][2994](http.c:108) Captured 
requesting [http%3A//www.linux.org/] and re-directing them to login page
[7][Fri Oct 31 07:42:37 2008][2994](http.c:182) Redirecting client 
browser to
[7][Fri Oct 31 07:42:37 2008][2994](httpd_thread.c:68) Returned from 
httpdProcessRequest() for
[7][Fri Oct 31 07:42:37 2008][2994](httpd_thread.c:73) Closing 
connection with

I get this on the browser:

Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0

Can anyone please help me with this. I'm already frustrated with this.

Thank you in advanced.

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