[isf-wifidog] Wifidog + RADIUS

Kevin Mai kmai at agro.uba.ar
Ven 24 Oct 14:31:44 EDT 2008

Hello, my name is Kevin and I'm from Buenos Aires.


I am working actually as a network administrator in the University of Buenos
Aires, and I have been assigned a project: deploy a wireless network with
authentication based on an LDAP.


For some reasons, I had a server with a FreeRADIUS service running and I
know I can log in to my servers using that RADIUS server.


Now, I would like my users to login (being those accounts checked against
RADIUS and then LDAP) but when I change the configuration of the
AuthenticatorRadius.php to 


'default-network', '10.1.1.x', 1812, 1813, 'xxxxxx', 'MSCHAPv2'


I receive a reply saying that this encryptation method is not supported,
while in AuthenticatorRadius.php is listed as working.



switch ($this->mRadius_encryption_method) {

            case "PAP": 

            case "CHAP_MD5":

            case "MSCHAPv1":

            case "MSCHAPv2":

                // Instanciate PEAR class

                $classname = 'Auth_RADIUS_' .

                $radius_server = new $classname ($username, $password);

$this->mRadius_auth_port, $this->mRadius_secret_key);



            default :

                // Invalid encryption method

                $errmsg = _("Invalid RADIUS encryption method.");


                return false;





So, I don't know how to configure it, as I wasn't able to find any
documentation. Take into account that we need to enable this system for
around 5000 users.


I'd really appreciate if I received a reply as soon as possible.


Thank you very much!


Kevin Mai


Network Administrator


University of Buenos Aires.

Mail: kmai at agro.uba.ar


Pd. I forgot to mention: running wrt54g v3 using openwrt and wdog gateway
1.1.3 and auth server compiled from trunk, running debian. Works great with
local auth.. L

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