[isf-wifidog] How to get Auth Server

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Mer 22 Oct 12:39:04 EDT 2008

> Greg.

> I was able to download it. I needed to install subversion first in
> order to do svn... But, now I haven't find enough documentation to get my system running.

> I installed the gateway on a debian box running iptables
> redirecting all http traffic from lan to a transparent cache in a
> dmz. I ran the install.php script from and everyrhing went smooth.
> Now, how can I start the server to listen to connections?

> I also noticed that the gateway listens on port 2060. What is
> really listening to on this port? I need to enable it with iptables?

> Sorry for the number of questions but, I have a week trying to get a portal going here.

> Thanks.

I'm by no means an expert, but here's how things work.

The Auth Server listens on port 80 for gateway requests.
The gateway makes requests to the Auth Server (on port 80) and the
server replies back to port 2060.

Generally, there shouldn't be any IPTables rules on the GW unless you
have special requirements.

Even then, I'd test fully open, and letting WD set all the rules etc.
Once you have that working, you can tinker with additional rules etc.

The Auth server is most difficult, IMO.

You can also run both the Auth server and GW on the same box if

(I run the Auth server on a regular x86 box, and the GW on OpenWRT.)

Since I'm not always the best for answering questions, I've set
follow-up back to the list.


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