[isf-wifidog] hotspot map problem

Richard Bailey rgbailey at rb-consulting.net
Lun 19 Mai 17:04:21 EDT 2008

So is there a solution, other than trying to allow access to all the needed 
google servers or all listed google addresses.
That seems like it would be a real problem to maintain.


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On 2 May 2008, Richard Bailey wrote:
>  Hello, I am setting up a wifidog network and am having a problem with the
> mapping of hotspots when not logged in. I get a message "Loading please
> wait..." and it stops there. When logged in the mapping works.  I do not
> want to add all of google's known IP ranges to the firewall as that is a
> real bad idea and a moving target.

We used to remove the map button when the user is at a hotspot, but not
logged-in.  Unfortunately, that caused problems for people under the same
subner, but not behind a wifidog gateway, so that feature was removed.

The drawback is that as you experienced, the users can click on alink they
cannot reach.

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