[isf-wifidog] all ap return users to login page

Jerry DeFoe jerrydefoe at hotmail.com
Dim 18 Mai 19:41:39 EDT 2008

I have an interesting event occurring. All aps (3 of them) are returning all clients to login after successful login including new signups.

I do note that the remote server is responding incredibly fast. I'm wondering if routers don't have enough time to catch tokens.   I vacuumed full after this anomaly with no joy.  I read  posts when Max Horvath had similar issue in 2006 but could find no resolution with stopping and restarting wifidog.  I ran install and all comes up fine (no reload of files....yet).

No changes to wifidog-auth.  I only use svn on separate server and
don't push live until tested.  Last wifidog-auth rev from svn was March
8, 2008. 

wifidog-auth is served remote.  

Server running PostgreSQL 7.4.19, PHP 5.2.5.  Recent install.php showed shema v59.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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