[isf-wifidog] LiveCD / Auth Protocol / TCPDUMP

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at t-b-o-h.net
Sam 10 Mai 17:17:28 EDT 2008


	I wonder if anyone can point me to a good LiveCD
for ATLEAST the Gateway portion of WifiDog, PREFERABLY the
Gateway+Authentication Server.

	What I'd like to do is learn more about the protocol
used in :


	I sort of get that the client connects (1), and is 
redirected to the Gateway(2), which does a redirect to the
Authentication Server via a URL call(3) detailed in :


	A splash page (4) is presented, but here is where
I get fuzzy. He fills the form in, but whats the form post
to, and what are parameters passed to it? (This is #5).

	If its a good redirect (what/how is this done?, and
what about a bad redirect?) the client gets a redirect to
the gateway with a token (Where'd the token come from?? (6)
( http://GatewayIP:GatewayPort/wifidog/auth?token=[auth token])

	The gateway received it (7 and 8) . The next fuzzy
area is #9, how does the Auth Server confirm it?

	If its confirmed, it redirects to the Success page
(10) and then not sure how it (11) notifies the client.

	I'd be grateful if anyone has a set of tcpdumps I
could wireshark to see how things go in the mean time.

			Thanks, Tuc

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