[isf-wifidog] Wifidog Process Hangs

Matthew Tavenor mtavenor at nlpl.ca
Lun 5 Mai 09:49:29 EDT 2008


I had this same problem on both Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 8.04 setups. The only
thing that seemed to fix the problem (5 days now without it happening) was
to setup Postgresql 8.3.1 to turn on the autovacuum subprocess.  It's
located in the postgresql.conf in the "Autovacuum Parameters" section.

As for monitoring the service, I use Webmin's built-in "system and server
status" monitor.  Great little tool to monitor and email you and run
commands if something fails.


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Previously Nick Powers wrote:
> Hi All,
>   Twice over the weekend the wifidog process hung and I had to 'kill
> -9' it and then running it again. I am using the following command line
> to start my wifidog service: 
> 'wifidog -f -c /etc/wifidog.conf -d 7' 

Can you attach strace to the wifidog process when it hangs to see what
is happening? If that does not reveal anything you could run the wifidog
with strace and keep a log while it is running. That can generate an
enormous amount of data though. 
> Also, does anyone have a great way to monitor this process? We use
> Nagios and I'm trying to find a nice,clean way to link it with wifidog.

I run it under supervisord which seems to work well. It's never hung


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