[isf-wifidog] Face to face design meeting for wifidog gateway 2.0

Bruno Remy bruno.remy at videotron.ca
Jeu 27 Mar 23:52:10 EDT 2008

Hello guys,

All the team of ZAP Québec is pleased to support this big happening!
We want, for a long time now, some system improvements and a few new 
features (mostly on the gateway).
As far as i'm concerned by the evolution of Wifidog and by the 'geek 
team' of  ZAP,  I will join you sunday.
I still don't know if i'll come alone or with some other members of our 

See you sunday!

Benoit Grégoire a écrit :

>Since there are finally more individuals interested in actively working on the 
>next generation of the gateway, it is time for a face to face meeting to 
>bootstrap the process.
>Date Sunday 11h AM, March 30th
>7615 de Chateaubriand #4, Montréal, (Jean-Talon Metro)
>A projector and whiteboard will be available.  There is a coffe maker, but you 
>need to bring your own grinded coffee.
>Context:  The gateway is stable and it's design has served us very well for a 
>long time.  Much of that design is still good, and in some cases even have to 
>be reinforced (we strayed from our initial goal of making it integrate well 
>with firewalls, which is causing major headaches for people running 
>transparent proxies on the same machine)
>However, some additional features cannot be done without a protocol redesign:  
>walled garden, moving MAC whitelist to the auth server, supporting devices 
>without a web browser, congestion management.  Furthermore, the protocol is 
>currently needlessly chatty.
>Version 2 of the protocol will be documented here 
>Off course changing the protocol is only half the story, many parts of the 
>gateway will need major refactoring.  Some will even need complete rewrites.  
>Off course as everybody should know, at the same time there are three major 
>patchsets that are currently in the process of being integrated into the 
>-One by David Young (BSD support)
>-One by Coova (WSPr support, DHCP auth trigger)
>-One branch from Mina to be merged (Captive DNS)
>Everybody needs to be aware of everybody elses work to avoid regression, and 
>this time we must not find ourselves in the situation where protocol and 
>design documentation is written after coding is complete, and by different 
>Architecture design will be documented here 
>In the meantime 
>If anyone from outside of Montreal can make it, we'll be sure to find you 
>confortable and free places to stay if you need it.

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