[isf-wifidog] Wifidog rewrite and protocol v2

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Jeu 27 Mar 15:15:25 EDT 2008

Previously Philippe April wrote:
> If anybody has requests/ideas/comments, QoS experience, etc. Please  
> speak up!

I have a few. In order of importance:

- support for multiple gateway interfaces. I intend to implement that for
  the current codebase since I will need that soonish (I was expecting
  to need that this week already but plans changed a bit).

- the error-page shown to users when the network connection or auth
  server is down should be configurable. The gateway should just load
  a html file from disk. This should be trivial to implement, so I'll
  probably do that as well.

- the gateway should dump status to disk regularly and read that in on
  startup. Currently if you restart wifidog all your active session are
  gone. For me that is bad for two reasons: it is a bad user experiences
  for users who suddenly need to login again, and it means the auth
  server never gets told about those sessions being ended, which means
  my account data becomes incomplete/invalid.

- a hook for the auth server (or IDS or something else) to tell the
  gateway to immediately close an open session. This is needed to
  shutdown people who are caught spamming, spreading viruses or doing
  other bad things (which unfortunately happens all too often).


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