[isf-wifidog] Using multiple auth server and make a unique network

Andrea Grandi a.grandi at gmail.com
Jeu 20 Mar 07:57:57 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm going to build 2 wifi networks in 2 different cities here in my
country. Each city will have its own auth server.

The question is: it will be possible in the future, to make a unique
network having 2 different auth server?

I make you an example. I register an account in the city A. I travel
to city B and try to connect to B network. The B server try to
authenticate me, but it doesn't find me on its own database, so it
queries the server A, which grants for me.

Is this possible with wifidog?

Thanks for your help!

Andrea Grandi
email: a.grandi [AT] gmail [DOT] com
website: http://www.andreagrandi.it
PGP Key: http://www.ptlug.org/andreagrandi.asc

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