[isf-wifidog] Multiple SSIDs

Matthew Kitchin (Usenet/Lists) mkitchin.public at gmail.com
Jeu 19 Juin 18:11:46 EDT 2008

I'm trying to see if Wifidog can do what I need. I have 150 location around
the US. They currently have high Cisco waps. Their main function is for
traveling employees laptops that authenticate with WPA/Radius. These users
connect back to our corporate office over frame relay/MPLS. We have begun
rolling out guest internet access. This has to go out a local DSL or Cable
modem to avid impacting WAN based business applications. We have rolled out
a few with a Monowall VMware appliance running on a local machine, but it
has not proven to be reliable and is rather cumbersome to setup.
After looking around and testing, I am now on the openwrt/WRT54GL bandwagon.
I'm blown away by the number of features I get for the price compared to the
high end Cisco waps we have been buying. As for the guest internet, we
simply want the captive portal feature that requires the user to enter a
code. We simply want to stop drive by surfers, Nothing more complicated. Our
users are not even remotely computer savvy. They likely wouldn't have email
addresses. It looks like I can accomplish what I need with "Password of the
Now for the fun part. I'm so impressed with this setup, I want to consider
doing away with the high end Cisco waps all together. I'm not sure if this
is completely a Wifidog question, but it seemed like a good place to start.
With the Cisco wap, I have 2 SSIDs. blah and blah-guest. blah is or non
broadcasting corporate SSID and blah-guest is the SSID on a different VLAN
that goes to the monowall captive portal. Is it possible to accomplish this
with WRT54GL/openwrt/Wifidog? Can I tell Wifidog to 'ignore' one SSID so I
can completely configure it within openwrt, and to have the Wifidog captive
portal work on the guest SSID?
This looks like a great setup, and I plan on using it no matter what. It
would just be great to run it all on one device. I don't like the idea of
putting 2 waps right next to each other.

Any tips or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Kitchin 

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