[isf-wifidog] Bandwidth control

Theo Treffers theo at africanaxess.co.za
Lun 16 Juin 04:49:45 EDT 2008

Hi there,

It looks like I misunderstood what was meant by "avoiding abuse of your 
network". I understood that to mean that wifidog can limit the bandwidth 
used by user. I have installed it successfully and all is functioning 
but I don't see any such options. Am I correct in saying that this is 
not yet a feature? It is the sole reason for having installed Wifidog in 
the first place :-(.

Having said that saw that there is changelog 1351 that seems to 
implement what I am looking for. Is this correct if is so, how would I 
go about installing that? I am a complete noob when it comes to those 
things so a bit lost here. To illustrate why this is so important to us 
- I saw on one of your postings that one may want to limit a user to 
"say 40GB per month". In our situation in South Africa unfortunately an 
ADSL account comes with a limit of 3GB per month. We need to limit 
people to MB, rather than GBs - if possible per time period.

Thanks a lot,


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