[isf-wifidog] wifidog-auth status

ergoxsx ergoxsx at gmail.com
Jeu 24 Juil 03:38:06 EDT 2008


i'm new to wifidog with a bit of php knowhow.

i was able to setup wifidog-auth with the hotspot using dd-wrt firmware 
with wifidog capability.

may i ask if there is a way i could create other status instead of just 
the prescribed 'allow', 'validation', etc.? 
i'm planning to implement this in a school and i need to check first if 
the account is authorized before setting the status to 'allowed'. maybe 
a 'pending' or so status would help.

i also would like to display the email address of the user in the admin 
page and i'm having a hard time doing so.

also the supposed url to be visited is not redirected after login. 
browsing works though.  where did i do it wrong?

it has the following settings:

wifidog gateway:
    gateway id:                     -      XXXnode
    webserver name:             -      (ip of the node)
    authserver hostname       -      (ip of the auth server)
    authserver ssl available   -   disable

    network's website:             -    www.xxx.edu
    are nodes allowed to redirect users to another webpage instead of 
the portal?   -   yes (tried no but same effect)

    gateway id:                     - XXXnode
    name:                              - XXXnode
    homepage url:                 - (ip of node)

those are the only important fields i specified.

any ideas?


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