[isf-wifidog] Password of the day - How do you use it?

Matthew Kitchin (Usenet/Lists) mkitchin.public at gmail.com
Jeu 10 Juil 19:54:10 EDT 2008

Can someone tell me if this is headed in the right direction?
In index.php, if I change username below to a value instead of null, and 
create that user, would someone be able to login just using a password?
// Init values
$username = null;
$password = null;
$gw_address = null;

I would remove the username field and hide most of the registration stuff. 
Can the same user be logged in 100 times simultaneously? I realize this 
isn't exactly how Wifidog is supposed to work, but it looks like it is 
designed so well, I would really prefer to make it work for what I need.

Thanks for the help.


listserv.traffic at sloop.net wrote:
> Same, user-name and password - looks like a regular login.
> (I don't think it's possible to just have a password only, unless
> you're willing to modify code...)
> I've mashed up the default login pages a bit, to hide
> self-registration etc...
> hope that helps
> -Greg
>> I meant what does the end user see on ht elogin page.
>> listserv.traffic at sloop.net wrote:
>>> I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
>>> I believe Radius can use several different back-end databases, but
>>> if you want a single/few users, you can simply edit the radius users
>>> file, and it's
>>> plain text.
>>> I use this for a couple of clients who want to control use of their
>>> AP's, but want to have an easy way to change the credential pair
>>> (username/password).
>>> Radius does seem to satisfy this pretty well.
>>> Good luck
>>> -Greg
>>>> I could try that. Can anyone tell me what the authentication looks
>>>> like for the radius setup? Is it just a single text field?
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