[isf-wifidog] OpenWrt when activating DHCP get strange message

Pascal Leclerc isf at plec.ca
Mar 8 Jan 15:41:13 EST 2008

You should search for this in OpenWRT Forum : http://forum.openwrt.org
It's not related to Wifidog


Quoting Don Druce <dondruce at sympatico.ca>:

> When I select   DHCP in OpenWrt  [WAN settings] and Apply Changes, I
> get the following message.
> Committing NVRAM ...
> Reloading networking settings ...
> *SIOCSIFNETMASK: Cannot assign requested address
> SIOCSIFBRDADDR: Cannot assign requested address*
> info, udhcpc (v0.9.9-pre) started
> debug, Sending discover...
> debug, Sending select for
> info, Lease of obtained, lease time 259200
> deleting routers
> adding router
> adding dns
> adding dns
> Does this make sense to anyone - if so, can you explain.

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