[isf-wifidog] Submitting trouble ticked not functioning. - Router quits after power down. Reply

Benoit Grégoire benoitg at coeus.ca
Mar 1 Jan 14:31:53 EST 2008

On 31 December 2007, Don Druce wrote:
> Thanks Robin
> I am aware that three tickets were posted on the same subject.  When I
> posted the first two, I received absolutely no indication that things
> were working.  I got the cursor with a hourglass and it just stayed
> there.  I assumed that things were not working and simply disconnected.
> I finally got results on the third try.
> As to your response, are you telling me that if there is a short power
> failure, at the router, customers will lose their connection and will
> not be able to get back on until the session closes on the auth server.
> If so, how long does that take.  Also if so, I for one will start
> advising people, because I was not aware of that at all.

No.  If wifidog get's re-started because of the router power-cycling, everyone 
will get disconnected, but they can re-log in as soon as the router finshes 
booting and connects to the internet.

> As part of my testing of WiFiDog 1.1.4 Security on a couple of routers,
> I connected, then pulled the router's power plug for a minute or two and
> then tried to log back on.  I got nowhere, which is what I was trying to
> explain in my message, and on the Trouble Ticket.
> If I am reading you right
> 1) What would be the proper procedure to get things working again, pull
> the power plug on the router for an hour or so.

Well, I don't know how the MSF firmware image is setup, but there is nothing 
to do on the wifidog gateway site except start it.

> 2) Advise customers that are using the router that they will not be able
> to get back online for xx time.

When someone sees the green scrren, there is a reason stated (either lack of 
Internet connectivity, or inability to reach the auth server).  There is no 
way for wifidog to know how long the condition will persist.

> 3)  How come on an older router using WifiDog 1.1.3, I get the Green
> Screen and I can click and reconnect.

If you click reconnect and it works, it means that between the time you read 
the green screen and the time you clicked, the condition that caused the 
green screen has cleared.  Note that if the condition is lack of internet 
connectivity, and it persisted for a while, you will not even see the green 
screen (unless you try to connect directly to an IP address) because name 
resolution will fail.  There is a branch in SVN to work around this, but it 
hasn't been merged.

> 4) On the routers that I am testing with WifiDog 1.1.4, I get nowhere,
> BUT if I go to my Sympatico Modem/Router, I see the
> Green Screen and when I go to Status is tells me the the Internet is not
> connected.  Going to my Router with PuTTY and typing     WiFidog-init
> status,   gives me the same result.

So your problem is outside wifidog.

Benoit Grégoire
Technologies Coeus inc.

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