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Michael Shekman michaels80 at ci.manchester.ct.us
Mar 16 Déc 17:20:10 EST 2008


I've tryed to use your config - my setup still doesn't redirect outbound traffic from internal clients to the portal.
Your proxy.sh script does create ip forwarding, but once the wifidog scripts starts it overrides the iptables from proxy.sh.

Otherwise there are no errors I can see.



>>> "Chris Rowson" <christopherrowson at gmail.com> 12/15/2008 1:01 PM >>>


I just setup wifidog on an ubuntu 8.04 machine. There I setup both,
the gateway and the auth-server.
Then, I setup a virtualbox virtual machine which is supposed to use
the wifidog gateway in order to gain access to Internet.
The problem is that wifidog starts, setup the iptables rules, but the
virtual machine keeps on having access to Intenet.
The setup is something like this:
<internet> - <ubuntu-gw> - <ubuntu-virtual interface>  -
<virtual-machine interface> - <virtual machine>
Without wifidog, the virtual machine is able to surf the Internet
thanks to an iptables MASQUERADE command. As soon as the wifidog is
started, I asumed the conection between the virtual machine and
Internet should be interrupted but that's not happening.
Could anyone point me on what i'm doing wrong?
I installed wifidog using the cvs version and setup the validation
grace period to 2 seconds.

I made some notes here: http://justuber.com/publicwifi:public_wireless_internet_access

These are from a year or two ago when I was setting up Wifidog on Ubuntu and Debian machines. Feel free to have a read and see if anything is of use to you.

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