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Chris Rowson christopherrowson at gmail.com
Lun 15 Déc 13:01:23 EST 2008


> I just setup wifidog on an ubuntu 8.04 machine. There I setup both,
> the gateway and the auth-server.
> Then, I setup a virtualbox virtual machine which is supposed to use
> the wifidog gateway in order to gain access to Internet.
> The problem is that wifidog starts, setup the iptables rules, but the
> virtual machine keeps on having access to Intenet.
> The setup is something like this:
> <internet> - <ubuntu-gw> - <ubuntu-virtual interface>  -
> <virtual-machine interface> - <virtual machine>
> Without wifidog, the virtual machine is able to surf the Internet
> thanks to an iptables MASQUERADE command. As soon as the wifidog is
> started, I asumed the conection between the virtual machine and
> Internet should be interrupted but that's not happening.
> Could anyone point me on what i'm doing wrong?
> I installed wifidog using the cvs version and setup the validation
> grace period to 2 seconds.
> Regards,
> Osvaldo
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I made some notes here:

These are from a year or two ago when I was setting up Wifidog on Ubuntu and
Debian machines. Feel free to have a read and see if anything is of use to

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