[isf-wifidog] Network Fusion Theme for WiFiDog Auth

Robin Jones Robin at networkfusion.co.uk
Mer 27 Aou 14:05:47 EDT 2008

Network Fusion Theme for WiFiDog Auth


I have been working on a new theme pack for WiFiDog Authentication
server over the past few days. It is not quite finished, but I thought I
would show you what it looks like on a few of the main pages. In my
personal opinion it is even a vast improvement over the base theme,
keeping the same styling throughout the application (especially the
tables) to give a consistent feel to the admin interface.


I have learnt a lot about CSS and the way inheritance works by doing
this and must say, if you want to create your own theme pack, rename the
base themes "stylesheet.css" this will block the inheritance and allow
you to get the exact feel you want, then when you have finished, rename
it back to its original name, then use firebug to work out inheritance
problems. I created a special stylesheet called "masterReset.css" which
attempts to block ALL of the base theme by resetting each of the styles
to default, as I wanted to give it the best appearance, but also to
allow this theme to be the base theme if the community wanted it. If so,
all that needs to be done is remove the @import
url("stylesheets/masterReset.css") from the main stylesheet. 


I have also attempted to split the stylesheet up into sections so that
they are easier to maintain. so the theme's "stylesheet.css" only
contains @import statements, then a directory called stylesheets
contains substylesheets such as "layout.css" and "tables.css". I know
that this may break the theme on early browsers, but I thought that this
was a good design decision and makes it far easier in the future to
transfer CSS styles between themes, and also remove them completely if


You may notice that i have replaced a lot of the icons around the
application. some of these are the node up and down images, and the tool
content dialog images. at the moment these images are contained in the
"common images" directory so are visible in all themes. I will have to
see if it is possible to override this Dir, if the theme has an image to
replace them. 


Last but not least, I have had to make a couple of changes to the
"mainUI_Display.tpl in order to achieve this layout. before I can commit
it, I must make sure that it is more generic e.g. I moved the menu from
displaying in main content area, to below the header, so that it is also
displayed in the left area. also the footer (and possibly the header at
a later date) is shown constantly. In order to achieve this I will need
to add some new options to allow selection from the Network Options


Unfortunately I can't put the screen shots in this email, because of the
mailing list limitations, but here are the links:


An online version of this email (including screenshots) can be found
here <http://www.kravis.co.uk/networkfusion/hotspots/theme.html> 


Network Fusion authentication server.jpg


offsite login page.jpg


Network Fusion authentication server node status.jpg





Robin Jones


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