[isf-wifidog] external dns resolution causing wifidog to fail

Clifford clifford at hdn.net
Mar 5 Aou 13:45:37 EDT 2008

I have my entry for authentication server as localhost and which
is correct. However when wifidog starts it appears to be contacting an
external DNS server and trying to resolve that address and when it can't it
gives the error "cannot contact any auth servers." It appears that wifidog
doesn't attempt to contact the server listening on localhost if it can't
resolve the hostname externaly. This is what I see in debug/foreground:

[7][Tue Aug  5 10:39:32 2008][32120](util.c:137) Locking wd_gethostbyname()
[7][Tue Aug  5 10:39:32 2008][32120](util.c:137) wd_gethostbyname() locked
[7][Tue Aug  5 10:39:32 2008][32120](util.c:152) Unlocking
[7][Tue Aug  5 10:39:32 2008][32120](util.c:152) wd_gethostbyname() unlocked
[7][Tue Aug  5 10:39:32 2008][32120](centralserver.c:256) Level 5: Resolving
popular server [www.google.com] succeeded = []
[7][Tue Aug  5 10:39:32 2008][32120](centralserver.c:276) Level 5: Marking
auth server [localhost.localdomain ] as bad and trying next if possible

Can anybody help me to work around this or am I doing something wrong? I
guess since it is using library resolver routines it will never look inside
of /etc/hosts ???

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