[isf-wifidog] Adding node content

Jerry DeFoe jerrydefoe at hotmail.com
Mar 29 Avr 20:51:08 EDT 2008

When attempting to create BannerAdGroup, whenever any addition of data (image, title, etc.) is added, this returns on top.   It accepts just fine and works well, it is just an annoyance for a Node Owner creating a Banner Ad to see notice.  ContentGroup as well as any other create works fine.  I'm assuming that the routine for objectPrefix   just doesn't like BannerAdGroup as prefix.

Notice: Undefined index: 
content_group_7b127f27c914bae89bcebc000db9670a_existing_element in 
/home/preside2/public_html/wifidog/classes/FormSelectGenerator.php on line 

Using PHP 5.2.5, postgre 7.4.19 (live) and 8.0 (dev system) with same results.

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