[isf-wifidog] Accounting and Logout problems with a couple of registered users

Stan stan1 at plantasia.net
Lun 21 Avr 22:54:07 EDT 2008

I am having a problems with two of 37 active user accounts on wifidog...
The problem manifest itself similarly with both accounts, and both
accounts had been working normally until this problem surfaced just
about two days ago.  I did not change any gateway or auth server
parameters before this problem showed up.

The symptoms are:

(1) Based on monitoring the connections table while the users are
logging in shows immediately after the connection the outgoing bandwidth
figure is set to a value which during the remainder of the connection
time does not change (for one user this value is 5.8M and for the other
user it is 47.8M).  The incoming bandwidth numbers are updating what
appears to be normally.  

(2) Consistently, between 5.5 and 6.5 minutes, the users are
automatically logged out and they have to re-login through the login

(3) The problem seems tied to the user's mac address, because having the
user log into test accounts shows the same behavior, including the
initial outgoing numbers, which are the same no matter which account is
logged into.

(4) The windows personal firewall one both users is turned off.

I will repeat, before two days ago, both of the user accounts were
working fine, with connection times in the hours, with both incoming and
outgoing accounting starting at zero (0).

So what is going on here?

Stan Weddington
stan1 at plantasia.net
Plantasia, Inc.

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