[isf-wifidog] Radius + Admin authentication

Nick Powers nickpowers at trentu.ca
Lun 21 Avr 15:56:54 EDT 2008

I have gone ahead and corrected my error and put in the correct authenticator parameters in the web management interface. That appears to have fixed the problem. 

One last question, now that I have the auth working as I would like. How do I redirect users to page other than the portal for my network?

Thanks Benoit for all your help!!

>>> nickpowers at trentu.ca 21/04/2008 3:40 pm >>>
I actually just put edited the AuthenticatorRadius.php file. Here is what I edited:

public function __construct($account_orgin, $host = "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx", $auth_port = 1645, $acct_port = 1646, $secret_key = "secret", $encryption_method = "MSCHAPv2")

Probably don't want to do this I'm thinking.


>>> Benoit Grégoire <benoitg at coeus.ca> 21/04/2008 1:44 pm >>>
On 21 April 2008, Nick Powers wrote:
> Unfortunately, when I try to create a second Network the login crashes on
> me for the following error.
> "Detailed error was: Uncaught Exception The network with id could not be
> found in the database (0) thrown in file
> /srv/htdocs/wifidog/wifidog/classes/Network.php, line 361"

QWhat did you put in the authenticator parameters for that network?
Benoit Grégoire
Technologies Coeus inc.

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