[isf-wifidog] Gateway Lockup and Auth Server Errors

Matthew Tavenor mtavenor at nlpl.ca
Mar 15 Avr 07:43:45 EDT 2008



I have a few questions on my test setup for Wifidog Hotspot.  I am in the
process of trying to get this up and running so that we can deploy it in 96+
Library locations across my Province.  The test setup and problems that
occur are list below:


Wifidog Gateway (Revision:1344) - Dell Optiplex 755 Small Form Factor

-          Fedora 8 - 64bit  (Using built in iptables firewall for basic

-          SELinux Off

-          Linksys WRV200 w/Ranger Booster - Wireless AP


Wifidog Auth Server (Revision:1343) - Dell Optiplex 755 Small Form Factor

-          Fedora 8 - 32bit (no Firewall at the moment because of testing)

-          Apache 2.2.8

-          Postgresql 8.2.7

-          PHP 5.2.4





GatewayID ggrwifi 

ExternalInterface eth0

GatewayInterface eth1 



AuthServer {


    SSLPort 443

    HTTPPort 80

    Path /



GatewayPort 2060


HTTPDMaxConn 100 

CheckInterval 120 

ClientTimeout 10 

FirewallRuleSet global {

    FirewallRule block tcp port 25

    FirewallRule block to


FirewallRuleSet validating-users {

    FirewallRule allow to


FirewallRuleSet known-users {

    FirewallRule allow to


FirewallRuleSet unknown-users {

    FirewallRule allow udp port 53

    FirewallRule allow tcp port 53

    FirewallRule allow udp port 67

    FirewallRule allow tcp port 67


FirewallRuleSet locked-users {

    FirewallRule block to





local   wifidog     wifidog                           md5

local   all         all                               ident sameuser

# IPv4 local connections:

host    wifidog     wifidog          md5

host    all         all          ident sameuser

# IPv6 local connections:

#host    all         all         ::1/128               ident sameuser



I hope I have provided enough information for my questions.  Here they are.


1)      Everything seems to work fine, I get the login/portal page you can
sign up and validation works, browse the web for as long as you like.  If
you sit idle for say 30 minutes, then try to browse with an open browser,
the Wifidog gateway locks and will lose connection to the Auth server.

2)      I can't find a way to get the Wifidog to give me more information
besides running it with the command Wifidog -f -d 7 ?  No information
anywhere else besides this on the screen right before it locks.  

[7][Mon Apr 14 16:39:42 2008][2909](auth.c:83) Running fw_counter()

[7][Mon Apr 14 16:39:42 2008][2909](fw_iptables.c:510) Read outgoing traffic
for Bytes=62228


3)      Here is the error on the /var/log/httpd/error_log

[Mon Apr 14 16:38:24 2008] [error] [client] ModSecurity:
Warning. Match of "rx ^OPTIONS$" against "REQUEST_METHOD" required. [id
"960015"] [msg "Request Missing an Accept Header"] [severity "CRITICAL"]
[hostname ""] [uri
8adc4d3e64d7ef3345ac8&incoming=385513&outgoing=62180"] [unique_id

[Mon Apr 14 16:38:28 2008] [error] [client] ModSecurity:
Warning. Match of "rx ^OPTIONS$" against "REQUEST_METHOD" required. [id
"960015"] [msg "Request Missing an Accept Header"] [severity "CRITICAL"]
[hostname ""] [uri
dog_uptime=2524"] [unique_id "AkIxF38AAAEAAAhnPWoAAAAC"]


Please help as I really excited about this project and I want to use this
product as it does exactly what we want it to do.



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