[isf-wifidog] Login/Portal Customization

Nick Powers nickpowers at trentu.ca
Lun 14 Avr 13:00:56 EDT 2008

>>> Benoit Grégoire <benoitg at coeus.ca> 13/04/2008 6:06 pm >>>
On 11 April 2008, Nick Powers wrote:
> Hello,
>   This is my first look at wifidog and captive portals in general. I
> would like to have on the login screen a simple login with our logo and
> a second pane with a couple links. There would be no "Create account"

Create account won't be shown if you use an Authenticator that doesn't allow 

> or 
> "Find Hotspots" as we will only be running a single gateway and auth
> server for all AP's. 

We don't have permissions for annonymous users yet, so you can't remove it 
through permissions.  However, every menus are CSS-targetable, so you can 
esily stop it from displaying by putting "li.node_lists { display: none }" in 
your custom network theme pack's CSS.

Benoit Grégoire
Technologies Coeus inc.

Thanks Benoit...I have started playing with the CSS file and it is doing what I want thus far.

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