[isf-wifidog] Another authentication method?

Michael Way michael.j.way at gmail.com
Ven 11 Avr 16:48:13 EDT 2008

Thanks for your tips/comments regarding my issue.

I guess I've given up on the idea of having a simpler token
since I don't have the time (unfortunately) to do the code modifications,
although Benoit makes it sound quite easy! :-)

Still, it would be useful to have potential users have their email
authentication link sent to their sponsors email address (which is on the
inside of our firewall). Unfortunately I discovered that you cannot use the
same email to sign up more than once. Is there a simple way to change this?
I would guess it's one or two lines of code somewhere?

Another more trivial question: Is there a way to set up account
expiration dates,
or a way to expunge an account (you're going to tell me to do it in
postgres I guess)?
I couldn't find a link in the admin web pages that said "delete account", or
"set account expiration". Maybe I'll need to repost this last question...

Otherwise my set up using a WRT-54GL with openwrt using wpa2 and the wifidog
gateway server is working quite excellently with the wifidog
authentication server on my
fedora core 8 i386 linux box.


On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 9:13 AM, Benoit Grégoire <benoitg at coeus.ca> wrote:
> On 4 April 2008, Robin Jones wrote:
>  > You are right, the URL is quite long, this is because of the way that
>  > wifidog works. The validation includes such data as the clients mac
>  > address etc.
>  >
>  > Is it not possible for the sponsor to click the link to validate the
>  > client? This should work, even when off site.
>  >
>  > Through code, this could be achieved by creating a new table in the
>  > wifidog database and modifying how the validation works so the link is
>  > sent to a table and a random alphanumeric code is generated. This would
>  > then be sent to a special mailbox that the administrator checks. An
>  > input box and button could then be generated in the login template which
>  > would redirect the user to the right URL.
>  Actually, the current validate script could be changed easily to achieve much
>  of
>  this.  User id, mac, etc are only passed so the system can login the user,
>  and possibly open an internet session in a single request.  The only real
>  piece of information is the actual token.  You could change the generation
>  algorithm to generate something shorter.
>  You would however have to change the login screen so that if someone tries to
>  login with an unvalidated account, the form modifies itself to allow him to
>  enter the token.
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